Game Types


Two teams of six are given ten minutes to eliminate the opposing team. Each player scores 10 points per tag and loses 5 points when hit. Win by eliminating the other team or being the team with the most points when time runs out.

Team Battle

Two teams of six battle it out! Before the game begins each player will choose a tagger class. Class choices are: Pistol, Machine Gun, AR, Revolver, Shot Gun or Sniper. Each player gets one health recharge. The team with the most points wins.


Two teams of six, one player on each team will be designated as the juggernaut (Juggernaut is an overpowered player). You have 10 minutes to eliminate the opposing team's Juggernaut. Each player will choose their tagger class and receive one health recharge. 

Free For All

12 players and no teams. Total chaos! The last person left standing wins.

Capture the Flags

Two teams of six compete to capture and hold the most flags. The round begins with five neutral flags. Each player may only hold one flag at a time and cannot pass it to another teammate. If a player holding a flag is eliminated they must drop the flag and any player may now pick it up. The team with the most flags after 10 minutes wins.

Boss Battle

One player is the boss and picks three minions to protect him/her (The boss is overpowered). The remaining eight players will team up and try to eliminate the boss.

Class Types

  • Health: How much health you will start the match with.
  • Damage: The amount of damage you deal to the opposing team.
  • Ammo: The amount of lasers you can fire before reloading (unlimited reloads).
  • Reload: The amount of time it takes to reload.
  • Shield: The amount of time your shield stays up after you are tagged (you cannot be tagged when your shield is active).
  • Fire Rate: The way the laser tagger fires.
  • Stun: When you tag another player it will shut down their gun for a certain amount of time.

Laser Tag Class List (xlsx)