Black Ops Force is the membership club for Special Ops Laser Tag. Members will have the opportunity to compete in members only tournaments across the Carolinas. Members will also have the opportunity to increase their level of rank by participating in tournaments and by achieving certain benchmarks. Membership is free to join, the tournaments will have a per person and/or per team cost based on the tournament structure. Information will be sent out via e-mail to all members.

School Events

Special Ops Outdoor Laser Tag can provide events for middle school, high school and local colleges. Outdoor laser tag is a very unique and fun activity. Special Ops will deliver a unique on-site environment that will excite your student body.

  • After Hours Parties
  • Class Trips
  • Field Days
  • Post Proms
  • Project Graduations
  • Freshman Orientations



Are you tired of selling candy bars, popcorn, and candles!! Who said fundraisers had to be boring! Let Special Ops Laser Tag help you raise money and have fun! Outdoor laser tag will transform that boring fundraiser into an unforgettable event! Call now for details.

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