Black Ops Force is the membership club for Special Ops Laser Tag. Members will have the opportunity to compete in members only tournaments across the Carolinas. Members will also have the opportunity to increase their level of rank by participating in tournaments and by achieving certain benchmarks. Membership is free to join, the tournaments will have a per person and/or per team cost based on the tournament structure. Information will be sent out via e-mail to all members.

Group Events

Special Ops Laser Tag will bring our Outdoor Laser Tag city to you!! Outdoor Laser Tag is a great way to build relationships, camaraderie, team building, and leadership! Special Ops Laser Tag game play missions guarantees a great mixture of physical activity and adrenaline rush for both males and females. This is laser tag for the 21st century!


We do group events for:
  • Schools
  • Boy/Girl Scouts
  • Sports Teams Parties
  • Summer/Sports Camps
  • Youth Groups
  • Group rates are for groups of 15 or more.
Each group will receive:
  • 90 minutes of mission play
  • Average of 8-11 missions in all
  • We bring our outdoor laser tag city to you!
  • Laser Tag Gear for each Participant

10-15 guests- $250.00
16-20 guests- $275.00
21-25 guests- $325.00
30 or more call for pricing
$10 for each additional guests


Each participant is issued an infrared unit that has an effective range of 700 feet! The technology that is used by the gear is the same technology used by your TV remote control. Eacg unit has a red dot scope to increase the accuracy. The unit can be programmed for number of hit points and rate of fire. The weight of each unit is about 3lbs.



Corporate Events

Special Ops Outdoor Laser Tag offers a unique thrilling experience for corporate customers! Loosen those ties, drop those titles, and join in on an unforgettable team building adventure! Special Ops will bring our mobile city to you, indoors or outdoors! Click here for more details


County and Local Fairs

Special Ops Outdoor Laser Tag can provide thousands of fair goers a thrilling event. We can bring our mobile city to you in order to provide outdoor laser tag for Free to their fair goers or on a "pay for play" option. Give us a call if you are interested in adding this great crowd pleaser at your upcoming fair.

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