Black Ops Force is the membership club for Special Ops Laser Tag. Members will have the opportunity to compete in members only tournaments across the Carolinas. Members will also have the opportunity to increase their level of rank by participating in tournaments and by achieving certain benchmarks. Membership is free to join, the tournaments will have a per person and/or per team cost based on the tournament structure. Information will be sent out via e-mail to all members.

Game Play

Special Ops Laser Tag will bring our Outdoor Laser Tag city to you!! Outdoor Laser Tag is a great way to build relationships, camaraderie, team building, and leadership! Special Ops Laser Tag game play missions guarantees a great mixture of physical activity and adrenaline rush for both males and females. This is laser tag for the 21st century!

Team Elimination

The objective of this game is to eliminate all the players on the other team. Which ever team survives wins. Players generally start with 9 lives.

Search and Destroy

A small group of “Elites” are hiding in the battlefield. The larger “Army” team must hunt down and destroy this elite squad. The Elites typically get 10 lives and the Army gets 5 lives. The Army team has superior numbers but can not see the battlefield at the beginning of the game. The Elites are sneaky and get to deploy early, hopefully with a good plan.

Adults vs. Kids

This is always a hit at parties. The kids love shooting Mom, Dad and any other adults we can shanghai into playing. This is the ultimate politically incorrect game and is “disturbingly entertaining”; a quote from a mother in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Capture the Flag

The objective of this game is to capture your opponent’s flag and bring it back to your flag. If you are killed carrying a flag you must drop it and go to the graveyard. To win your team must have both flags in your flag’s starting position. Very tough game with players only getting 2 lives.


This is a two stage game. The first part of the game is everyone against the “Predator”, usually the game-master. When the Predator is killed the whistle is blown a second time. The players then turn on each other in a game of last man standing or everyone for themselves. Small two person teams are allowed but do not get upset when your buddy shoots you in the back… there can only be one survivor. Winner gets bragging rights until the next party!

Attack & Defend

The referee will use the markers to delimit an area of the field (typically 1/4 to 1/3 of the total field area) as the defender's area and place the flag in a prominent location within this area. Defenders will start from their flag and Attackers will start from the opposite end of the field. After each player is loaded they will go to their team's starting point. Once all attackers have assembled at their start point the game begins.

Center Flag

Each team has a base are located at opposite ends of the field. The flag is placed by the referee in the center of the field. After each player is loaded they go to their team's base and wait for the signal to start the game.


The referee places the flag in a well known, visible location on the field. As the Bodyguards and VIP are loaded they go to their start point at the opposite end of the field. The Assassins are allowed to start in any location on the field, as long as they are out of sight of the Bodyguards and VIP. Once all players are in location, the referee will signal the start of the game.

Fox Hunt

The Fox is loaded first and given a five minute head start to go out and hide on the field. The game ends when the Fox has been eliminated or when time runs out or the Fox has managed to eliminate all the Hounds. After 15 minutes of play, the Fox may be required to eliminate at least one Hound every five minutes or the game ends.

Free for All

Load each player one at a time and send them out onto the field. Give each player thirty seconds to one minute to get out of sight before sending the next player in. Once all players are in position, signal the start of the game.

Hostage Rescue

The Terrorists will have a base at one end of the field. After being loaded, the Terrorists and the Hostage will start at the Terrorists' base. The Rescuers will start at the opposite end of the field. The game ends when the Hostage is returned to the Rescuers base, when the Hostage is eliminated, or when time runs out.

Round Robin

The players are split up into two teams and sent to opposite sides of the field. The start points should be positioned roughly the same distance from the dead zone. When a player is tagged out they return to the dead zone. Once there are three players in the dead zone, the referee will respawn them and send them back out as a new team. A freshly respawned team is not to shoot or be shot until they are out of sight of the dead zone.The game ends when time runs out.


Each player draws a card at random from the set of cards and looks at it without showing anyone else. As the referee calls each player to be loaded, they hand their card to the referee who then loads the appropriate role for that player. The referee should ensure that no player can see the Scenario Master screen during this process to avoid learning who is the traitor on each team. After each player is loaded, they should go to their team's base and await the signal to start the game.

Other games are possible. New game ideas are welcome.

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