Black Ops Force is the membership club for Special Ops Laser Tag. Members will have the opportunity to compete in members only tournaments across the Carolinas. Members will also have the opportunity to increase their level of rank by participating in tournaments and by achieving certain benchmarks. Membership is free to join, the tournaments will have a per person and/or per team cost based on the tournament structure. Information will be sent out via e-mail to all members.

FAQ's About Mobile Laser Tag

Q. What is ‘Outdoor Laser Tag’?
A. Outdoor laser tag is laser tag for the 21st century! Outdoor laser takes the action of the familiar indoor laser tag, minus the bulky vests and combines it with the thrill and excitement of paintball, minus the mess and bruises that paintballs leave behind.
Note that the term "Lasertag" is the name of the sport only, not the driving technology.
Definition of "laser"
A laser is defined by emitting a high-intensity, narrow-spectral-width, highly directional beam of coherent light. A high-power laser is capable of causing damage if used incorrectly, which is why Special Ops Laser Tag does not use them.

Special Ops Laser Tag instead uses an IRLED.

Definition of "IRLED"
IRLED is an acronym for Infra-red Light Emitting Diode.
An IRLED is defined by emitting a low-intensity, wide-spectral-width, low-directionality beam of noncoherent light. An IRLED is what is used in a typical television remote.

Straight from the source:
Vishay Telefunken makes the most powerful IRLED we use, the TSAL6100.
Here are some quotes from their IR safety document:
"Worldwide, there is no report on eye injuries caused by Incoherent diode emitters. Recent studies performed in the US showed that eye injuries due to even the brightest LEDs available are impossible."
You can read the full text at

Q. Who can play Outdoor Laser Tag?
A. Outdoor laser tag is ideal for both males and females ages 6 and up!

Q. Does Outdoor Laser Tag use real lasers?
A. No. Outdoor laser tag uses the same infrared technology that is used in TV remotes.

Q. What should I wear to play outdoor laser tag?
A. Wear loose fitting clothing that is comfortable to run and maneuver in. Closed toed shoes are also recommended.

Q. Does it have to be outdoors?
A. No. We can set up our laser tag city indoors or outdoors. Makes a great event for school functions or youth group lock-ins.

Q. How much space do I need to play?
A. We can configure the outdoor laser tag city to fit your space, no matter how big or small. We utilize our barriers as well as the surrounding elements to create the playing field.

Q. Can you play in the rain?
A. Due to the electronic components used in the taggers, we do not play in the rain. If rain is forecast for the day of your event we will work with you to reschedule an available time to hold your event.

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